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What Are Antique Pinch-nose Reading Glasses?

What Are Antique Pinch-nose Reading Glasses?

We had a lovely addition to our collectables category this week, in the form of these antique pinch-nose reading glasses. Originally known as  ‘Pince-nez’ from the French ‘pincer’, “to pinch” and ‘nez’, “nose”, these style of glasses have been used since the 14th Century, but reached their peak popularity around 1880 to 1900. The pair we have are called ‘C-bridge’, as they have a curved flexible metal brace across the top which moves as the wearer dons the glasses. They also have a small attachment for a chain for the to clip them to clothing (as they were renown for falling off!).
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pinch nose antique vintage glasses, sold by Arnett Vintage Co

Description as follows-


  • Beautiful pair of antique metal rimmed pinch-nose spectacles.
  • Generally used for reading, these glasses have original nose pads, lenses and metal frames.
  • These do come cased, although this is not pictured.
  • No branding visible.
  • Measuring approximately 12cm across (including metal detailing), and 4.5cm deep (at widest points).
  • CONDITION: General good condition, although scuffing to both lenses at either outer side. Could do with a good clean, but well built  – PLEASE SEE PHOTOS FOR CONDITION.
  • A beautiful set of antique glasses, full of character and great collectable pieces.

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