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Best Pre-1940’s Vintage & Antique Goods

Best Pre-1940’s Vintage & Antique Goods

Best Pre-1940’s Vintage & Antique Goods Across Our Website

In this blog we highlight some of the best pre-1940’s antique and vintage collectables listed across our website. On the Arnett Vintage Co website pre-1940’s goods are given their own separate category, so we can showcase them in a space all of their own. So have a browse here of our exquisite collection and bring a little slice of history into your home.

Vintage Pre-1940’s Millitaria:

We have a fantastic antique 1916 Sunday Stories Silk Card in this category, it’s an original from the series ‘The King & His Soldiers’ and entitled along the lower edge is ‘H.M. KING GEORGE. V’. It’s in great condition and a fantastic example of some of the Military silk cards we have in stock. You can see some of the other silk cards and our full Militaria category here.

We also have a vintage military prison issue 1930’s new testament Bible listed in our pre-1940’s vintage collectables category. It has a printed stamp in both the front and back cover reading ‘MILITARY PRISON & DETENTION BARRACKS, STIRLING’, and the date of  ’10 APR. 1930′. It was published by Burns, Oates and Washbourne Ltd., London, and it’s pocket sized, measuring approximately 13.5cm tall by 9cm wide by 2cm deep. It would make a fantastic addition to any bible collections.

Antique Pre-1940’s Engineering Equipment:

Here at Arnett Vintage Co we love vintage & antique engineering equipment, in particular the ‘Antique Metal Engineers Fly Press’ and ‘Antique Mini Engineers Fly Press Punch’ that we have in stock. We did a fantastic YouTube video on our vintage fly press that we recently received into stock, check It out here.

We only source and collect one off rare unique vintage collectables & props, meaning the chances of us having it in stock again is very slim to zero, which we believe only adds to the experience of the purchase.
The antique engineers fly press and vintage mini engineers press punch both have a fantastic amount of natural wear on them, which only adds to their beautiful appearance.

Antique Cannonball:

Solid antique cannonballs are generally few and far between in the market, although when we do get them in stock, they sell as quick as we’ve found them. Vintage pre-1940’s cannonballs can be used as props, or even as vintage centre-pieces for offices or libraries. Here at Arnett Vintage Co we hand pick unique vintage antique collectables, which we think would look fantastic in both homes and work-spaces.

vintage antique cannon ball 2kg

The antique cannonball’s have a fantastic amount of wear and patina to them, which we think only adds to their character. This particular one shown above measures 3 inches in diameter and weighs approximately 2kg. We also have some other fantastic items in our metal and glassware section, you can visit here.

Vintage Rare Antique Belgique Telephone:

We have stunning antique MFG Belgique Bell Telephone with rare gilt decorative design in stock. We couldn’t believe the weight of it! The build quality is second to none! We believe this is converted for UK use, the cable looks to be compatible, although it hasn’t yet been tested. To be frank, it would make a fantastic decorative piece and we can just imagine it sitting on a shabby-chic rustic table in a hall way.

Featuring a black Bakelite base and receiver, with metal main body received cradle (which makes it quite weighty). The rotary motion on the dial is working lovely, and it still has the original inner bell chime. This is a must see item, so Sarah’s done a video for you on our YouTube channel here.

So there you have it, that’s a select few of our favourite vintage pre-1940’s antique items. You can view our full unique and rare collection here and don’t forget to check out our Youtube channel, to see our latest product demonstrations.
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