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How To Restore Brass Antique Fire Hose Nozzles Using Household Items!?!

How To Restore Brass Antique Fire Hose Nozzles Using Household Items!?!

Vintage brass antiques are always very popular pieces, and unique vintage collectables such as our ‘Vintage Brass Fire  Hose Nozzles’ can look fantastic as a prop or a centre piece in your home, especially the ones with branding on them, like our brass fire hose with NCB (National Coal Board) Aldwa printed on them. We now have these amazing vintage brass fire hose nozzles in stock, and although they had some amazing markings from their service lives, we wanted to bring a bit more colour out of the brass.

There are various different techniques for restoring antique brass items, using a variety of solutions. Our vintage expert Sarah Arnett, armed with over 17 years experience in collecting vintage collectables, wanted to give you a step by step guide on how to restore brass antiques using a simple cleaning method consisting of general household cupboard ingredients – vinegar, salt and flour!

Step 1: Rub off any dust, dirt or grime using a dry cloth. Depending on the amount of dirt, this can take some time and a bit of elbow grease. Keep folding your cloth to use the clean side so no debris is put back onto the piece. In the pictures below you can see what our two vintage fire hose nozzles looked like before the cleaning process.


Step 2: For this step you will need vinegar, salt, self raising flour, a bowl and a spoon. Measure out half a cup of vinegar and add one teaspoon of salt. Next add enough flour to make the liquid into a paste. The paste shouldn’t be too thick or too runny, it just needs to be thick enough for you to easily apply to the brass antique.

Step 3: Once mixed into a paste add this to the brass areas which require cleaning. I wore gloves and used my hands so I could get the paste into all the shaped areas of the pieces, but you could use a wide brush if preferred.


Step 4: Leave the paste on the metalwork for 10-15 minutes. Set a timer on your phone and check out our website to see our range of vintage and antiques collectables while you’re waiting!

Step 5: Now rinse the paste off using water, then buff the brass with a dry clean cloth to remove any excess paste and give it that extra shine.


And there you have it, these easy instructions will help you easily and safely clean brass-ware, without the use of harsh chemicals, or the risk of damage to your item. I think you can agree these amazing pieces have kept their unique patinas whilst the cleaning has brought out the wonderful colour of the brass material. The photos shown below show the fire hose nozzles after cleaning.

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