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6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Artwork!

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Artwork!

We often get asked questions like ‘Should I start investing in artwork?’, or ‘How do I start collecting artwork?’, and you have probably asked yourself ‘Is investing in artwork for me?’, or ‘How is easy is it to start collecting art?’

We asked our expert and company owner Sarah Arnett to give you some reasons why artwork is not only an enjoyable and fulfilling collection to create, but why it can also be financially beneficial.  Our company owner Sarah Arnett is an expert in the field of Art and Design, and she boasts a First-Class 1:1 degree in Fine Art from York University. She has a passion for all 1940’s and 50’s styling, and you can see from our incomparable range of unique vintage artwork, that Sarah’s unique eye for artwork is of a high calibre. 

You can choose your own style:

Quite simply you can cater your collection to suit your own personal style and taste – That’s really important. You can see throughout our website our vintage artwork for resale is Sarah’s own art taste, which is typically antique artwork pre-1940’s,  vintage prints and vintage etchings , and this has helped us build a portfolio of 1000’s of pieces of artwork over the years, she simply collects the artwork that she likes.


Artwork can increase in price:

Sarah advised, ‘It’s often a wise financial investment, because it doesn’t only hold its value, but often increases in value over the years.’ With some pieces of antique artwork you will have to be patient, and it can be considered as a long term investment. But it’s often better to have your money invested in a physical asset which provides enjoyment, rather sat in a bank.

Are you concerned about how to temporarily store, or store vintage artwork for long periods of time? Not to worry, we have a fantastic blog on ’10 tips to consider when storing artwork’.

You and your family can enjoy it:

You may not want to necessarily collect artwork for financial gain, you may simply want to invest in it to put on the walls of your home and enjoy! Sarah also suggested that some people invest in art and put it in their wills, so their family has a wonderful inheritance in which they can decide to sell or keep and enjoy through further generations.

Artwork is available for all budgets:

Some people do presume that collecting artwork can be expensive, but that’s not always the case as it is often far ranging in price. You must start by purchasing vintage or antique artwork to suit your own personal budget. We currently have a fantastic ‘BOEUF A LA MODE’ engraving in our collection, and over the years it has increased in value to £450, this is over time spent in storage. In comparison, we also have a lovely little ‘HAND SIGNED WILLIE RAWSON 20TH CENTURY ETCHING PRINT, ARCHITECTURAL’ etching that’s available for £30, so there’s a huge scope in price range and tastes. As you can see from our first point, Sarah collects what she has a personal interest in and despite the price, both etchings are wonderful and unique.

Want to know the process and effort that goes into making an etching? Have a look at our ‘8 steps to make an etching’ blog.


You can make your artwork collection diverse:

The beauty of art is that you can collect numerous pieces of artwork produced by different artists from all over the world, in different styles, and for different prices. Keeping your artwork range diverse does somewhat help if you are ultimately looking to find a diverse purchase audience to sell your artwork. It’s important to stick to your own personal tastes however, as this is what makes your collection unique to you. And there are so many different vintage art styles out there – engraving & etchings, antique oil’s & acrylics paintings, signed limited edition artwork or paper art artwork, to name but a few.

Its easy to research and value artwork on the internet:

When you’re starting to build a collection of artwork, or if you’ve just purchased a piece of art, try using eBay, the Arnett Vintage Co. website, or price guide websites like Invaluable and WorthPoint to help you value and gather further information about the work. It can be really fun too, especially if you have a passion for art like we do!


So there you have it, there’s a few great reasons why you should invest in artwork. And there’s no time like the present, so why not make a start by looking through our entire artwork range on our website, the vast majority of our handpicked unique pieces of artwork are increasing in value yearly and even in some cases monthly, so give them a look!


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