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Where to buy Railwayana and Railway Collectables?

Where to buy Railwayana and Railway Collectables?

Here at Arnett Vintage Co we have a fantastic range of unique vintage Railwayana in stock at all times on our website. We have handpicked some vintage Railwayana collectables that we know you’ll love, and it’s always worth bookmarking our website, as we list new vintage collectables weekly. All of our Railwayana antiques are one off items handpicked by us, meaning the chances are we will never stock it again, adding to the excitement of the purchase.

We have some unique Railwayana pieces in stock at present, including non-public editions of fare guides, working timetables and
Driver instruction books. These are truly unique items, owned by those who actually ran the railways, with some even having hand written notes and alterations – A great little view into history!


As well as numerous railway prints and pictures, we also have four original advertising boards from Regional Railways promoting their mainline services in the 1980’s. Another of our favourite railwayana pieces is our metal carriage lamp from Birmingham manufacturers G. Polkey Ltd, which still has all it’s original glass panels.

With more Railwayana memorabilia landing in stock soon, keep checking our posts for updates. Furthermore, please feel free to get in touch should you require any specific Railwayana pieces to add to your collection.


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