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Buy Rare & Unique Antique Vintage Collectables

Buy Rare & Unique Antique Vintage Collectables

Here at Arnett Vintage Co we buy, collect and sell what we love!

Below we talk you through our expansive range of unique and rare Vintage Antique Collectables, where all of our collectables are one off’s, and because we don’t have multiple quantities of items it makes each and every purchase special and unique.

See below for some of the sections and items you can find on our website;

Toy’s Games & Puzzles

We buy and sell high quality vintage games, ranging from board games, Pelham Ventriloquial hand puppets, stunning hand carved African chess pieces, classic cars, dolls and anything else that we love! A lot of our collectable Toy’s have some wear and tear, but we feel this adds to the uniqueness. For example whilst our African chess pieces clearly have been used, the markings and chips to the stone add to the over all character. I especially love the little stone carved Knights, they look very menacing!. On our Arnett Vintage Co YouTube channel we covered the African Chess pieces in more detail, you can see the video here.

Signage & Advertising

Some of our favourite treasures are in our Signage & Advertising category, where every vintage sign and advertising poster is a unique, rare find. If it’s Railwayana, Theatre Advert Prints, Play Flyers, Vintage Pub Signs or even Vintage Airline Adverts that you are looking for, then you have come to right section of our website! We wish we had multiples of certain posters and prints, however that’s exactly what makes us unique. Whatever you buy from us, the chances are we will only ever have one in stock and you won’t be able to buy it from us again! How exciting!

Vintage Maps

Our huge range of antique and vintage maps are always a hit on our Instagram @arnettvintage account, with the pre 1940’s vintage/antique England, Scotland & Wales maps produced by George Philip & Son Ltd being amongst the most popular. With us being from and living in Yorkshire, we love it when we come across any Vintage Map Etchings or Vintage Map Prints from our area, and to be honest, we often find it hard to part ways with them. Take a look out our range of antique maps and see if we have anything that takes your fancy.

Metalware & Glassware

Two words BRANDING IRONS  We don’t come across them often, but when we do we get the good ones! They make a fantastic centre piece on a shabby chic dresser or sideboard. A bit of something different that you wouldn’t even think of until you see them!

Our Metalware & Glassware category spans all tastes, from kitchenware to decorative, from the delicate to the imposing.

Science & Medicine

Welcome to the home of the weird and wonderful category of Science & Medicine, where we have things you’ve never seen before and things you’ll probably never see again. Delve into some spectacular Scientific and Medicinal vintage finds.

We recently purchased a 1960’s first aid tin kit, with it’s contents, and we think that the little bit of wear to the tin gives it a lovely bit of character.

We are constantly uploading more vintage decorative and antique collectables to our website, so it would be well worth checking in at Arnett Vintage Company daily. Oh, and if you need a little bit of inspiration, don’t forget to check out the AVC Inspiration page where we’ll pick out our favourite pieces just for you.




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