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Reasons To Love Our Online Vintage Shop

Reasons To Love Our Online Vintage Shop

Arnett Vintage Co 21st Century Online Vintage Retail Shop –  Website Launch

We’re not like other companies, but I guess all companies say that. Here at Arnett Vintage Company we laugh, we work hard, we drink Yorkshire tea by the bucketload, we love our two dogs that wander around the workshop trying to find trouble, we eat pizza, we watch old films, and most importantly we LOVE what we do.

Here’s our two dogs Bruce and Mabel 💕❤️


It’s November and our 21st Century Online Vintage Retail Shop has been launched! Just in time for the Christmas season. We’d like to thank Wild Fire Marketing, Leeds, for developing our vision for a state of the art online retail shop and bringing it to life. We absolutely love our website, it reflects our individuality, and here are a few of the many reasons why we know you will enjoy using our website.

Shop Artwork, Prints, Oil Paintings

Sarah has a first-class degree in Fine Art from York University and she has a passion for all 1940’s and 50’s styling, which is replicated throughout the site. The vast majority of the artwork displayed on our website, is from Sarah’s personal collection, which she has built over the last 10 years. In short, she pretty much buys what she loves!

The shop artwork section on the website has been divided into 16 sections, so you can navigate through our website easily. A few of our favourite categories are the Oils & Acrylics, Photographic and the Engravings & Etchings sub categories. And if you are ever feeling a bit uninspired, take the time to look at the AVC Inspiration category, where we bring you a few of our favourite pieces, just to get your creative juices flowing!

The art world is scary. It’s seen as judgemental, high-brow and only for those who eat canapes made from yak’s milk and unicorn tears. Well here at Arnett Vintage Co. we don’t like Yak’s milk. And we believe art is for EVERYONE, and it should be accessible to all. That’s why we try and cover as wide a spectrum as we can, choosing pieces that suit tight budgets, going up to pieces that wouldn’t be out of place in an art gallery.

Made In The UK ‘Best of British’

During the initial brainstorming session for our vintage online website, Daniel insisted on having a ‘Made In the UK‘ section, and we had to make it happen! Being a proud Yorkshire man, Daniel loves anything British, be it antiques, antique furniture, vintage cars, vintage motorcycles and vintage design.

At Arnett Vintage Co. we never cease to be amazed by the British design classics we find on our travels. Talented local artists that maybe never made it into mainstream retail, or huge brands that created iconic globally recognised pieces, we love them all. So we want to champion these pieces, and celebrate the rich diversity of home grown vintage. If you’re looking for a little slice of home, you’ve come to the right place.

Shop Collectables, Toy’s Games & Puzzles, Maps 

Our Vintage collectables category is being padded out as I write this, the truth is, it is really hard to let go of some things. To our surprise we recently became quite attached to a stunning hand carved African chess piece set, its a 32 piece set and every piece has been hand crafted! it really is unique! That’s the beauty of our collections, we buy what we like. Signage and Advertising is probably our favourite section under the collectables category, from old pub and shop signs, to paper advertisements. Take a look at the Calverts Carbolic Tooth Powder print, its fantastic and perfect for a bathroom!

Mirrors and Frames

Needless to say some of the ornate vintage frames look better than some of the prints they come with, which is why we separate them. We distress the majority of our frames ourselves, giving them a shabby chic look or a restored antique finish. We will be bringing you a blog in the near future on how you can distress your own, it’s a great little project and can really lift the appearance of dated pieces! Not to talk ourselves out of any business however, as Sarah does a fantastic job in painting and distressing. They look so good we often keep them for our own homes!

Photographing and Displaying our products

We ensure a good amount of time is spent displaying and photographing our goods for the website, to ensure that the character and essence of each piece is captured through the images. It’s amazing to walk round an actual shop and see goods displayed, to be able to pick them up, see how they look with other items, and ultimately imagine them in your own home. With a website it’s not as easy, so it’s very important to us that we ensure each item has a set of great quality photographs to go alongside it on it’s listing. This allow the viewer a strong sense of what the piece is about, it’s condition, and possible display ideas. They say ‘A picture can tell a thousand words’, and it’s true, getting a great shot of a beautiful product can really create a true sense of it’s mood.


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