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Should You Buy Royal Memorabilia to make money in the future?

Should You Buy Royal Memorabilia to make money in the future?

With our UK Royal Family taking up many a headline already this year we thought we’d dedicate a blog to our historic collection of  Royal memorabilia. We have a fantastic collection of vintage Royal artworks and antique Royal memorabilia for sale across our website, and as you can see below, we have a got some really unique and sought after pieces. Like all our stock, all pieces are handpicked by us, meaning the chances of us ever getting the same items in stock again are very slim to none. We think this adds to the excitement of purchasing from Arnett Vintage Co! We can also give you some great advice on what Royal memorabilia to collect and what is the most valuable.

Our Rare Royal Memorabilia Collectables:

We have some lovely Spy Vanity Fair Royal portraiture prints, including rare copies of ‘Our Soldier Prince’, ‘Our Sailor Prince’, and ‘A Princess’ Husband’.


We also currently have in stock a very sought after vintage print entitled ‘Heart of the Empire’ by Frank O’ Salisbury, showing King George V and Queen Mary celebrating the Silver Jubilee at St. Paul’s Cathedral. This piece includes a numbered outline on the verso showing names of the subjects, a very interesting addition.

As well as these, we have two Daily Express Royal Souvenir books, and a stunning copy of ‘Pictures & Stories From Queen Victoria’s Life’, by Mrs O. F. Walton.

Royal collectables will always be in fashion, and our Monarchy is something to celebrate!

Buying Royal Memorabilia to make money in the future?:

With the most recent Royal marriage being Princess Eugenie of York marrying Jack Brooksbank on on 12th October 2018, and of course who can forget the 19th May 2018 wedding of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex to Megan Markle. Manufacturer’s took these opportunities to create some produce everything from tea-towels, sweets, mugs, clothing, medallions and unique commemorative coins.

In our experience bulk purchasing mass produced Royal Collectables for a short-term resale is not necessarily the best way to make a good return on your investment.

Understand what makes the collectable valuable:

If something is mass produced then the chances are it’s not going to be a limited edition item or a collectors item. So always do research on the age, condition and who manufactured the item, before you decide to purchase.

Does Royal Memorabilia increase in value?:

As mentioned earlier, mass produced memorabilia is far less likely to increase drastically in value, it has been known in some cases they can even decrease, especially with 20th Century Royal collectables. It is worth noting however, that if something is signed by a member of the Royal family, then this will significantly increase the value of the memorabilia over time.

Here at Arnett Vintage Co. we have Vintage and Antique Royal memorabilia from the Queen Victoria period, and these items can be worth a lot of money if selected correctly, but you can cater any collection to your own tastes and favourite periods.

Popular Royal Memorabilia manufacturers:

Companies like Wedgewood, Royal Doulton, Royal Stafford, Tower Mint and Royal Albert have all been known to produce limited edition Royal memorabilia leading up to major royal events. These manufacturers are amongst those who produce the most valuable collectables over time.


If any of our antique Royal memorabila is of interest, you can contact us here.

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