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Salvage Hunters – Vintage & Antique Goods

Salvage Hunters – Vintage & Antique Goods

Here at Arnett Vintage Co many consider us to be expert salvage hunters, with multiple years of experience in purchasing unique vintage and antiques for collections and resale. Over the years we have created an extensive contact network of key antique dealers around the UK, including vintage dealers in London, Vintage Dealers in Leeds, Vintage Dealers in Manchester, Antique Dealers in Edinburgh and Antique Dealers in Cardiff. Our contact network is full of wealth and knowledge of vintage products and antique artwork, we all rely on each other for reliable information and sourcing the correct descriptions for our product listings.

Salvage Hunters

Using our extensive antique dealer contact list, we plan personal visits to our contacts to see what antique goods they have in stock and look to handpick select unique items for resale to our customers. Sometimes our customer have been known to give us vintage goods ‘shopping lists’, so when we visit our contacts we can be sure to collect and source specific items that our customers require. Sarah is know for politely rummaging in every nook and cranny to ensure she doesn’t miss any potential vintage gems, that’s something that our suppliers love about her, she’s willing to get her hands dirty and find some lost antique treasures.

I can remember when we visited the Morley Auctions for the first time, it was a unique fantastic venue (a little cold but we were there in winter, but thankfully we have thick coats!) The owners knew Sarah was keen and bidding on lots of the vintage artwork, so we were invited to stay behind and look at a hidden range of vintage items they had in storage. We picked up some fantastic unique pieces of artwork, most notably was a vintage hand carved wood Bali Art Plaque as seen below, it’s an absolutely fantastic piece and would have remained hidden if Sarah hadn’t unearthed it and showcased it on our website.


One thing we’re very proud of is being complimented for always offering fair valuations when purchasing vintage goods. We believe in fair trading and building life long relationships with dealers and contacts alike, and we use our vast extensive knowledge of antique collectables to ensure that our clients and suppliers get a fair price.

Whilst we have a fantastic supply chain, we are always looking for new links and for the opportunity to purchase more vintage items and antique decorative collectables from reliable sources. If you have any vintage or antique goods you think we may be interested in, please feel free to get in touch.

Our Antique & Vintage Items

In our experience we’ve found very few people still enjoy the experience of searching through musty antique shops for pieces, and you may think treasures would be ‘expensive’ or ‘not my style’, or you simply don’t have the time to browse in person. We can sympathise with that, after all time is important to us too, and this was the very reason why Arnett Vintage Co was created. Arnett Vintage Co search around the old dusty antique shops for you, and we clean & restore our vintage items if needed, bringing them back to life in our custom made workshop. You can checkout some of our restoration blogs here, they are really useful.

Sarah Arnett is an expert in the field of Art and Design, and she boasts a First-Class 1:1 degree in Fine Art from York University. She has a passion for all 1940’s and 50’s styling, and you can see from our incomparable range of unique vintage artwork, that Sarah’s unique eye for artwork is of a high calibre.  I asked her to handpick a few of her favourite pre-1940’s pieces of artwork on our website and she came up with these little beauties –

(From left to right, links in image)

Antique 1910 Buckingham Pocock Print

Antique ‘London Cries’ S & J Fuller Prints

Antique Laurie & Whittle Engraving Print

Spy Vanity Fair ‘Our Sailor Prince’ Print

How to contact us:

If you would like to book an appointment for us to visit you please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can email us at, and please also advise if dog’s are welcome, as our lovable dog Mabel loves any excuse to go for a ride in the car! Or feel free to send any request that you may have to our email address (along with images and any description you can give) and we will be sure to reply. You can also visit the Arnett Vintage Co YouTube channel here, be sure to like and subscribe.

Being a Salvage Hunter is hard work, but we’re not like other companies, although I guess all companies say that. Here at Arnett Vintage Company we laugh, we work hard, we drink Yorkshire tea by the bucket load, we love our two dogs that wander around the workshop trying to find trouble, we eat pizza, we watch old films, and most importantly we LOVE what we do.

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