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Top 5 Vintage Collectable Categories

Top 5 Vintage Collectable Categories

So today we’re discussing our top 5 picks of our Vintage Collectable website category. We have 13 categories of antique vintage collectables on our website, but we thought we would narrow it down to help you find out about our favourite unique vintage items. Over the years we became au-fait with various rare vintage collectable goods and started collect antique items that took our interest. Here’s a peek of a few of our categories;

Antique Decorative Collectables

We really have some unique finds in our antique decorative collectables category, in particular we love the French Figural Tobacco Jar. I can even smell my great grandad’s pipe when I look at it, talk about nostalgia! Or if Vintage Militaria is more your thing, we have a beautiful antique 1920 allied forces souvenir fabric bag, with hand sewn detailing and flag emblems. We think that the added wear on this piece gives it beautiful character. This category of our website really is wonderful, we only collect what we love, mainly vintage items which remind us of our childhood, or a antique souvenir that captures our attention.

vintage tobacco jar, made our of ceramic, French, rare collectable item

Metalware & Glassware

We have a fantastic selection of vintage branding irons in stock, one that springs to mind is the Antique Wrought Iron Branding Iron, with a beautiful hand forged cowboy symbol. The natural wear on the handle and the markings on the iron add to it’s character, and it would suit sitting on a big rustic table to make a fantastic centre piece. That’s what we love about our vintage metalware & glassware category, a lot of the antique collections we find are unique and make great conversation pieces when you have guests visit.

As I write this we have just uploaded a small selection of vintage metal badges into the category too. This little vintage British Motor Corporation ‘Safe Drive’ club badge stands out with its blue, yellow and red enamel colouring and lovely decorative leaf design.

safe drive metal badge, vintage collectable metal badges

Vintage & Antique Maps

Our collection of vintage maps really is unique, we have antique print maps of Yorkshire, vintage map etchings which have been etched onto a copper plate, as well as a great vintage overground brewery pub map. Vintage Maps are one of the most popular categories on our social media accounts, in particular Instagram. We think people appreciate local heritage and a certain nostalgia to specific areas that a vintage map can give you. Our customers often re-frame them using ornate frames, to give them that added rustic look. One of our favourite maps is the Vintage Copper Etch Map, of the West Riding of Yorkshire. Mainly because of the process that’s involved with creating an etching, it’s a complicated art form. We have a whole blog dedicated to the complex etching process, click here to read it, Its a good read!

Vintage Toys Games & Puzzles

This category is lots of fun! Who can resist the allure of finding a toy that you had when you were a child, and the memories it brings flooding back? Certainly not us, and we love finding vintage toys that evoke these feelings, beautiful moments that are remembered every time we look at them.

We often come across Pelham Puppets,  however we only collect the rarest and best conditioned ones. Pelham Vintage Puppets are one of our favourite vintage toys, as each puppet is hand painted with hand stitched clothing, and we think this really does add to the character of the piece. We have a fantastic blog dedicated to Pelham Puppets, click here.

Pelham unique rare vintage puppets, available to buy from arnett vintage company


In this category you will see large vintage prints, metalware pieces and small collectables. One print in particular that stands to mind is the ‘ROYAL CORPS OF TRANSPORT’ piece, produced in 1985 by S. Rieleit. It’s a lovely piece, printed with a matte finish and centred on textured white paper. Growing up neither of us were particularly interested in trains or railways, but as we have started buying vintage collectable ranges through the years, we have come to realise and appreciate why people love Railwayana. The old vintage railway posters have so much character which make it hard not to like this category. Railway memorabilia is becoming very collectable, not just by those who are interested in modern traction, but by anyone who loves anything automotive.

We would love to hear what your favourite categories are on our website, please feel free to interact with us in the comment section below.




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