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Vintage Christmas Decoration Ideas

Vintage Christmas Decoration Ideas

Vintage Christmas Decoration Ideas by Arnett Vintage Co

Christmas has landed at Arnett Vintage Co! Well, we’ve begrudgingly accepted that we need to start our personal Christmas shopping, so that’s it, we’re feeling festive! So in the next few weeks, as we all begin to pull out our decorations from dusty attics and garages, we want to show how versatile a beautiful antique or vintage picture frame can be when dressed with Christmas decorations. So whether your Christmas styling is subtle glamour or full on glitter explosion, try something new this year and add a statement picture frame to your Christmas wish list.

Choosing The Right Vintage Frames:

It doesn’t particularly matter what size, colour or style of ornate frames you need, just simply use what you have available to you. As displayed in the below photos, we opted to use ornate frames for the larger ones and French boutique style frames for the smaller frames. You can only work with what you have available, however we would recommend looking in those basements and attics to see if you have any frames hidden away. Or a good idea would be to look for any car-boots or craft fairs in your area, and see if you can pick up any frames on the cheap. If you’ve got a local car-boot sale though, don’t forget to barter!


As you can see in the photos below we didn’t distress any of our frames we simply chose ones which were similar in colour and worked well together for the display. That’s the thing, work with bits you like, bits that go well together in your own style. If you do want to distress your frames though it’s easy, and we will work on another blog giving you some hints and tips on how to do it.

Using fishing line (which can be purchased online or from a local fishing shop), we threaded baubles around the frame edges and gave them different drop lengths. Fishing wire is ideal to use simply because it is see through, and depending on the angle it looks as though the baubles are floating! Magic!

We also purchased some cheap Christmas tree decorations which matched the colour of the baubles and moved these around to create different depth in the shots to see what layout would be most effective. Using different designs and sizes of frames we created different collages, and although this took some time, we had a lot of fun doing it. Take your time, be creative and use different techniques to give your display the ultimate vintage decoration look.


vintage Christmas decoration with frames vintage Christmas decoration with frames vintage Christmas decoration with frames vintage Christmas decoration with frames vintage Christmas decoration with frames

Where to put your Vintage Christmas Decoration display:

Depending on if you have pets, or small children, you can put your vintage frame decoration display pretty much anywhere! By using floor standing ornate frames you can create wonderful vintage displays in your hallway or your reception rooms. We have a beautiful shabby chic console table and we put a vintage frame display on top with the frames simply leant against the wall behind, it looked really great! Another idea that we thought of (after doing the photo shoot), was to create an outdoor vintage display by hanging the frames from the trees in the garden. Unique and eye-catching!

At Christmas we love to dress up our homes, however if you think outside the box you can create a vintage Christmas decorative display using antique, vintage and French boutique frames, that will really give your home that wow factor for when guests come to visit.

vintage Christmas decoration with frames     

Come and see our wide range of frames, all unique, all vintage, and most importantly all beautiful. And keep checking for new stocks. There are some stunning frames now in our workshop just waiting to hit our website!

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