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Dress Your Vintage Welsh dresser Using Vintage Artwork

Dress Your Vintage Welsh dresser Using Vintage Artwork

Here at Arnett Vintage Company we like to bring you monthly AVC Inspiration ideas, showing you unique ways to dress vintage Welsh dressers, shabby chic and rustic furniture, using our Arnett Vintage Co collectables and vintage antique artwork.

We decided to use some of our wonderful vintage etchings, mixed pieces of artwork and rare unique paintings, to dress up our Welsh dresser, to give you some inspiration and ideas on how to display artwork in your home.

Brilliant ways to dress a Welsh dresser, using Vintage Etchings

how to dress up a Welsh dresser using vintage etchings

So this was created using a mixed collection of etching and engraving prints, featuring artist’s Cedric Hodgson, June Hicks, S. Howitt, James Stewart and E. Gemmel. A wonderful mix of modern and antique, with some hand-coloured, some black line prints, and some in sepia tones, all available on website now.

We have purposefully dressed our farm-house dresser using etchings with grey, light cream and dark cream colour tones, showing how the pieces would compliment colour schemes in modern homes.

As you can see we’ve featured subjects such as animals and landscapes, as these were generally the most popular etching themes when they were produced.

Creative ways to dress a Welsh dresser, using Vintage Paintings

creative way of dressing a Welsh dresser using paintings and vintage artwork

This stunning display of some of our paintings includes pieces in gouache, watercolours and oils, and are all available on our website now. We’ve added some lovely pieces by artists including as A. W. Carlill, Jack Cuthbert and S.J Lanson. A wonderful way of including a unique mix of vintage paintings in a modern display setting.

The light in our kitchen reflects wonderfully on all the different paintings colours and textures, although we have tried to use similar tones and colours to our Welsh dresser, it looks so creative and unique.

How to dress a Welsh dresser, using mixed Antique Artwork

stunning ways to dress a Welsh dresser using salvaged artwork

A mixed collection of some of our vintage artwork, including oil paintings, etchings and engravings, drawings, watercolours and photographic prints. There’s a lovely mix of colours, with our pieces including works by artists Paul Sellmann, A.W.¬†Carlill, Richard Anscomb and Marie Wunsch. All are available on our website now.

Using etchings, watercolour paintings and rustic artwork, we have created a mixed medium display, and this shows how effective a medley of antique and vintage pieces can create a stunning focal point of a room.

Have a go! Try It Yourself!

Using purchased, salvaged or artwork that has been left in the attic, dust it off and clean it up, and have a go at dressing your own Welsh dresser. But don’t stop at a dresser, you can use the same artwork to bring to life any other pieces of shabby-chic or rustic furniture. The wonderful thing about using artwork is it’s light, so you can easily chop and change your display.

As you can tell from the images above, we also love our wine! We always save the corks when we find them, and over the years we’ve displayed them in old drinks dispensers and antique sweet shop jars. These make for a really good ornament or centre piece in the home, and if you write the dates on them when you save them, some wonderful memories!

Not only can you buy wonderful pieces of artwork from us, but you can also find some on ebay, at car boot fairs or even in family members attics. We’d love to see your ideas, feel free to send us some images of your wonderful creations!


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