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Where to buy Vintage Ornate Picture Frames?

Where to buy Vintage Ornate Picture Frames?

In this blog we will advise you about the best places to purchase ornate picture frames, vintage picture frames, shabby chic picture frames and floor standing antique frames, all in accordance with your own taste and budget.

Here at Arnett Vintage Co we have been collecting vintage frames and mirrors for over seven years and we’ve built up a fantastic collection of table frames, ornate frames, antique frames and floor standing mirrors for re-sale. With this in mind, we consider ourselves experts in frame restoration and shabby-chic frames. The vast majority of our vintage artwork comes into our workshop framed, so initially we remove all pieces from the frame in which they’re originally mounted for safe storage and cataloguing purposes. Sometimes frames can in great condition, or sometimes they may be damaged or non salvageable, so we assess this and work with them accordingly.

Everyone has their own taste, perhaps it’s rustic, vintage shabby-chic or traditional farmhouse, but whatever an individual’s style we find it’s more beneficial for us to remove the artwork pieces from the frames and let customer’s choose their style of mount to suit their own specific interior design.

We also sometimes restore vintage frames, although this does depend upon the type, condition and style of frame, as they all play a factor in how effective it will look once completed. We’re happy to offer a bespoke frame service to customers too, where we can up-cycle our ornate shabby-chic frames to suit the colour and theme of your home, matching existing pieces, or simply for a specific style. Distressing ornate picture frames is an art in itself, and quite time consuming, however it is something we specialise and have excellent experience in, so be sure to get in touch if you would like more information about this service.

Buy Vintage Ornate Frames from Car-boot Sales or Flea Markets-

Visiting car-boot sales or flea markets for vintage products is a great starting point for anyone. Typical shabby chic floor standing frames sell quite quickly, particularly between other traders, so our advice would be for you to tog up (especially if it’s winter) and get there early to see what treasures you can find! The vast majority of traders and sellers will haggle on price, so be sure to use this tactic and don’t accept the first price you see!

You can find a local car-boot sales by typing ‘car-boot near me’ into Google. Here are a few websites that we use-

Car Boot Junction

Car Boot Sales

The List

Buy Shabby-Chic Frames from Auctions-

Going to an auction can be quite daunting and time consuming for those who haven’t been before, however it can be worth it, especially if you do your research on any vintage picture frames you’re interested in before hand. You can often plan your time well if you do your research, and try arriving at the auction at times specifically for the items you’re interested in so you’re not hanging around all day. But beware, auctions can be a lot of fun and it’s very easy to get carried away with the excitement of bidding, and you may find yourself out of pocket very quickly! You will also find there tend to be lots of professional vintage traders present too, all bidding for unique collectables, so you may find yourself bidding against them, but hold your nerve, as if you wish to buy ornate frames in bulk it can be well worth it.

Here is a list of potential websites you can use to find auctions near you where you can pick up unique vintage picture frames-

UK Auction List

Easy Living Auction

Buy Large Vintage Frames from Charity Shops-

Visits to charity shops (such as Oxfam) for vintage picture frames can be very rewarding, and you can often find some other great vintage treasures in there too. Most high streets have a few charity shops these days so they’re never too difficult to find! So not only is it totally rewarding for the charity for you to buy your shabby-chic picture frames from them, but you can also be sure you’re getting a bargain too!

Buy Vintage Antique Mirrors & Frames From Arnett Vintage Co-

Check out our range of Unique Picture Frames online, where we have everything from French Rustic to Shabby-Chic. Because we have 1000’s of pieces of artwork in stock, we also have a great selection of vintage frames too, they always go hand in hand! We do find however that it’s not always possible to list everything as quick as we’d like on our website, so be sure to get in touch, because the chances are we will have what you need, it’s just in a long line of new arrivals! Arnett Vintage Co are experts in frame restoration and up-cycling vintage frames, so get in touch today.



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